Manotick Place celebrates Celia Roy’s 100th birthday in March

March was a time for celebration at Manotick Place.

One of the Manotick Place residents, Celia Roy, celebrated her 100th birthday March 5.

The staff and management at Manotick Place say Celia is a joy to have in their building

“We wanted to celebrate this with all of Manotick by sharing some of her very humbling experiences,” said a communique sent to the Messenger by Manotick Place.

Cecilia Roy received a telegraph from the Queen and a letter from Canada’s Chief of Air Staff on her 100th birthday.

“Celia is an absolute ray of sunshine. She was March’s Face of Manotick Place and we got to learn so much about her. Celia is a war bride and she worked with soldier files during the second world war. Celia was in charge of sending the soldier’s file to their next destination. It was such precise work that could not afford to be done wrong and during conversations with her she still does not take any credit for it. Quite humbling.

“Celia also talked about how she and her late husband moved to Ottawa in 1946 and lived in a group home for some time before they bought their first single family home in Merrickville. As soon as Celia started talking about Merrickville she couldn’t stop talking about all of the wonderful people, friends and neighbours she met, including many war brides, families and many volunteer workers in the community.

“We finished our chat by asking her what her favourite decade to live in has been thus far and she without a doubt said the 1940’s. She explained that this is when she met all of her closest friends, had her first daughter and met the love of her life. She said these were the most adventurous years of her life where she got to travel Europe being stationed in three different cities. She loved travelling the cities on her bike regardless of what was going on in the world.”

We at the Messenger believe we can speak for the entire community as we wish Celia a happy belated birthday and congratulations!