Greely Players let student do what she loves

By Phill Potter

Focus on Youth

Name: Cameron Borschewski  

Age: 17

Address: Osgoode

School:  Osgoode Township High

Grade: 12

Parents: Al & Margo Borschewski

Brother: William (16)

Sister: Robyn (13)

Pets: Jesse (dog), Tiger (cat)

Part-time Work: Tim Hortons in Manotick

Favourite Subjects: “My favourite subjects are biology, music and kinesiology. In biology, I have enjoyed learning about various systems in the body, and how they work together. Music has always been a great course for me, but especially this year.  Although we weren’t able to play our instruments, we’ve been able to do other things, such as compose music and pay attention to key elements in music that we would not have done in previous years.

“Kinesiology was also one of my favourite classes. I took this course last spring in the midst of the first lookdown. During those times, kinesiology was something where I was able to take my mind away from what was going on outside, but it also gave me something to do. It so happens that I’m planning to study kinesiology in my post-secondary education.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “In my free time, I enjoy reading nonfiction books.”

Who is your favourite author? Karen Kingsbury

School Activities: “In a regular school year, I would participate in sports teams, such as the swimming and rowing teams, band, and relay for life. During these past four years, being part of the band and music council has been so much fun. From planning different fundraisers, to band trips and just playing music.

“This year, all of these activities look very different, as most of them could not occur, or to the extent that they normally would. In grade 9, I participated in an event called Relay for Life. Relay for Life helps raise money for cancer research through the Canadian Cancer Society. Since participating in grade 9, I’ve been a part of the Relay for Life Committee. This year we are planning to host a virtual relay, since we can’t do it in person. I’m part of the entertainment committee, where we plan fun activities to occur during the event. Being a part of this committee, and raising money for cancer research, is how I can help those who have been affected by cancer, not just in my community, but across the country.”

Other Activities/Interests: “In a regular school year I love to be involved in various activities outside of school. While some of those are occurring this year, they are not occurring to the extent of what they would have in other years.

“Last year, I was involved in the Greely Players production of Anne and Gilbert, which unfortunately never got to take place. The Greely Players gave me the opportunity to do what I love, which is to sing; and I also learned that I enjoyed dancing.

“When I’m not doing school work, or with the Greely Players, you can find me at Youth Group. I attend the Metropolitan Bible Church Youth Group, where I’m involved in the Praise Team, and in the Student Leadership program.

“The Student Leadership team helps organize events, plans retreats and activities. The main goal of this program, is to bring other students to Christ. I’ve been able to be a part of this group for two years, and have loved it and the opportunities that come with it. Having been part of this Youth Group since grade 7, it’s where I’ve met some of my best friends.”

Career Goals: “Next year, I’m planning to attend Brock University for a Bachelor of Kinesiology. One of my goals is to find a career where I’ll be able to help others. As of right now, my end goal is to hopefully become an athletic trainer, but truly Kinesiology can lead to a wide variety of careers.”