Richmond Ag. Society Catch the Ace still not caught

The Richmond Agricultural Society (RAS), host of Richmond Fair, the largest event in the ward, has spearheaded a Catch the Ace fundraiser for the Society.  Currently, this highly popular raffle, is in Week 40, with the Ace of Spades still not found and boasts a progressive jackpot of just over $11,800!  

The RAS decided in early 2020 to conduct this popular raffle to raise funds to build new cattle barns on the fair grounds for livestock events, large community gatherings, and winter storage.  The current facilities are in need of too many major repairs and warrant replacement.  Up-to-date spacious barns with good lighting and access to water, will provide the community with outstanding cattle shows to keep agriculture alive, interesting, and educational in our community.

The original decision to host the raffle was to sell paper tickets at the places of community partners.  However, due to COVID and the restrictions in place, it was not possible to hold the raffle in this way.  The community has been quite accepting of the online game and also very supportive. 

The game begins with 52 envelopes and in one of these envelopes, the Ace of Spades is hidden randomly.  To play, buy a ticket and choose the envelope where you think the Ace is hiding.  When a ticket is purchased, 20% goes to the Weekly pot, 30% goes to the Progressive pot, and the remaining 50% goes to the Society, less their expenses.  If your ticket is drawn that week, you win the Weekly prize, and if you have chosen the envelope number where the Ace of Spades is hidden, you also win the Progressive Jackpot.  The game continues each week until the Ace has been found.  Rules and details can be found on the website.

The RAS appreciates all who are able to support this fundraising initiative.  It is a great feeling to call a winner each week to let them know they have won the weekly prize amount.  It gets more exciting each week because there are only 13 more envelopes where the Ace of Spades could be hiding!