Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Student From Being Peer Helper

Focus on Youth

By Phill Potter

Name: Bryanna Appleby    

Age: 17

School: St. Mark High     

Grade: Graduated this past June

Parents: Shannon and Mark Appleby

Sister: Meghan (20), going into fourth year at Carleton University. Meghan currently works for the Ottawa Public Library as a page.

Pets: “I have two cats named Toot and Dasher.”

Pet Peeves: “I dislike when people chew their straws, or chew with their mouth open.”

Part-time Work: “I currently work at Greely Foodland in the Bakery Department.”

Favourite Subjects: “This year I took Advanced Functions, French, Biology, Religion, Challenge and Change, Chemistry, and Calculus and Vectors. My favourite of those courses was my Advanced Functions course.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction, fiction mythology, and adventure novels. For example, Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Heroes of Olympus series, and the Divergent series.”

Who is your favourite author?

“My favourite author would have to be Rick Riordan, because I enjoy reading all of his fiction mythology book series.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?: “My greatest accomplishment would be when I became a co-captain on both the Rugby 7’s and Rugby 15’s school teams in grade 11. I had been playing on those teams since grade 9 without knowing anything, so it was nice to achieve a co-captain position after years of dedication. This is all thanks to Mrs. Wilson, my rugby coach, who encouraged me to join. She taught me how to play the game with respect for the rules and the other team, as well as to have good sportsmanship, despite what the other team may be doing.”

School Activities: “For a normal school year, I would be part of both rugby teams, Peer Helping, Cultural Awareness, and Yearbook as a photographer. With Covid, I was unable to be part of the sports teams, but I was able to continue to be a Peer Helper and become a member of the Women Empowerment Club.

“As a Peer Helper, we were able to organize online games for the grade 7 and 8’s. The Women Empowerment Club was able to make cards for women’s shelters, and donate to our Mother’s Day Gift Basket Initiative, in collaboration with Waupoos Farm.”

Other Activities/Interests: “I’ve played soccer since I was 3, except for this past year because of Covid. I played Russell House League for most of these years, except for summer of 2017 where I played on the Russell Raiders tier 2 competitive team. Also, I enjoy swimming during the summers at my cottage, and snowmobiling with my family in the winter.”

Career Goals: “Next year, I’m going to Carleton University for Criminology and Criminal Justice. This program requires psychology, sociology, and law courses. These are topics that I really enjoy and fascinate me. I’m taking this program in hopes of becoming a police officer, and eventually becoming a homicide detective. Since I really love problem solving, and don’t want to be at a desk all day, I think this job will really suit me.”