Bullet Hole Found Through Local Speed Board

By Charlie Senack, Manotick Messenger

It appears one local driver wasn’t impressed with the speed limit after a bullet hole was discovered on a Rideau Valley Drive speed board. 

Rideau-Goulbourn councillor Scott Moffatt shared the bizarre incident on Twitter March 26. The sign was located on Rideau Valley Drive near Boucher Cresent. 

“In the ‘I’ve never seen that before’ category, I bring your attention to a Speed Display Board that ceased functioning properly due to being shot,” Moffatt wrote. “You read that right. A bullet went through it. You can see the exit wound on the back at the top.”

The local councillor said a police report has been filled, but they don’t expect to catch the person. 

“While I recognize this person will likely go unknown, this is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. Residences are nearby,” noted Moffatt. “”This recklessness and disregard for public safety will now cost taxpayers upwards of $2,000 to repair.”

A look at the bullet hole through the speed board on Rideau Valley Drive (Scott Moffatt Photo)

It’s not the first time an incident like this has happened in Ottawa. 

Councillor Catherine Kitts said a speed board in Navan was damaged the same way recently. It was located directly in front of an elementary school. Councillor Rick Chiarelli said one in his ward was sawed right off the post. 

Speed display boards are used to let drivers know how fast they are travelling, and are aimed at keeping people around the legal limit. The data is then used by Ottawa Police and city staff to address speeding concerns in neighborhoods.