Focus on Youth: OTHS Grad Headed To Carleton For Honours Biology Program

Focus on Youth, By Phill Potter

Name: Emma Verheul                                   

Age: 17

School: Osgoode Township High

Grade: Graduated this past June

Parents: Barbara Doan and Steve Verheul

Brother: Nicholas Verheul (15), OTHS

Pets: Piper, a black lab puppy; Smokey & Rascal, blue Russian cats.

Pet Peeve: “I can’t stand people talking over whatever tv show or movie I’m watching! I’m the type of person to just pause whatever I’m watching, have the conversation, then keep watching.”

Part-time Work: “During the summers I work as a camp counsellor at a summer camp near Perth.”

Favourite Subjects: “My favourite subject has got to be Biology. I love learning about how everything works and why. Biology is at the root of everything, and gives such a unique outlook on the world. My major next year is actually Biology, so I’m excited to learn more.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure?  “I love reading! I read a lot of thriller/horror books, but also love YA fantasy books. It’s so easy to get lost in another world, and anything with a good plot and characters has always really interested me.”

Favourite Authors: “I don’t tend to stick with one author – just read what interests me. However, if I had to pick a few, Dean Koontz and Leigh Bardugo would probably be my top two.”

Activities/Interests: “I love being outside, and during the summer I can almost always be found swimming or camping. Most artistic things – I love, but I can say I’m pretty much obsessed with music. I always have something playing in the background, and there’s a good chance it’s Taylor Swift.”

Career Goals: I’m going to Carleton this fall, for Honours Biology with Co-op, which means lots of STEM classes and labs. I’ve always known I was going to have a career in the sciences, and next year is really the start. The plan is to eventually use my degree as a way to help people. Whether this ends with a career helping the environment, or as a forensic scientist, I can’t be sure of yet, but as long as I’m having a positive impact on the world around me, I’ll be happy with it.”