It Was A Perfect Day For Allan Haan Soap Box Derby

It was a perfect day for the 11th annual Allan Haan Soap Box Derby

The weather was perfect, the sun was shining, and the large crowd of spectators lining the sidewalk on Beaverwood Road were cheering loudly as the 11th Annual Manotick Allan Haan Soap Box Derby took place Sun., Aug. 27.

The Manotick Village Community Association hosted the event and had a lot of help from volunteers, especially from the Manotick Kiwanis Club and the Manotick Legion. The Manotick Fire Department was on hand at the bottom of the course, and the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Police Service ensured road closures were in place and that all participants, spectators and volunteers were safe.

Allan Haan, the founder of the event, was busy at the starting line announcing the start of each race and working with volunteers to ensure that the event ran without a hitch.

The day opened up with a celebrity race between Carleton MPP Goldie Ghamari and Rideau-Jock Councillor David Brown. For the second straight year, Brown won the race, though 48 hours earlier Ghamari topped Brown by winning the celebrity event in the Ottawa Carleton Plowing Association’s annual plowing match.

When the real racers took to the track, winners were announced in different categories. (Last names withheld by request of the MVCA).

In the speed category, Felix A. was first with Kate and John R., who shared a cart, placing second and Avery N. finishing third.

The MVCA noted that there were some very creative carts this year. In the most creative cart category, Alice and Graham P., who built the cart with their grandfather, were the winners. Graham let us know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal and as such, they painted their cart to resemble a cheetah. Cyrus A. was second for his cart that resembled an old fashioned car.

Avery N. won the award for best engineered cart. Avery and his grandfather built this cart together. His grandfather was a vehicle mechanic and Avery was very involved in the construction.

Aiden T. and Antoine T. won the award for most sustainable cart. They built this cart along with other Scouts from their troop. The cart was made from recycled/scrap wood.

The derby organizers also gave a Sportmanship Award to Jack B., who shared his cart with a young driver, who’s cart did not pass the mechanical pre-screening.