Manotick LCBO Employee Called ‘An Angel Among Us’ At Queen’s Park Legislature

Manotick LCBO employee called ‘an angel among us’ at Queen’s Park Legislature

A member’s statement at the Queen’s Park Legislature in Toronto Mon., Dec. 4 regarding longtime Manotick LCBO employee Lynn Roy received a heartfelt ovation from all Members of Provincial Parliament.

Roy’s work with the Home for Alternative Learning and Motivational Strategies (HALMS) has changed numerous lives for families and children who live in the San Pedro, Laguna garbage dump site. Roy was a co-founder of the school for children living in the dump site, and has remained the CEO of the school on a volunteer basis after moving back to the area from the Philippines. Each year, Roy takes an unpaid leave of absence from her job at the Manotick LCBO to go to Manila and work as a volunteer at the school.

Carleton MPP Goldie Ghamari talked about Roy in the Legislature for her Member’s Statement.

“Lynn Roy, who lives in the village of Greely in my riding of Carleton was living in the Philippines 10 years ago while her husband was working there on a contract,” said Ghamari in the Legislature. “She was shown the San Pedro, Laguna garbage dump site, an enormous dump site with more than 1,000 families living in the dump with no water, no electricity and no opportunity. They are, as Lynn describes, the poorest of the poor.

“In 2014, Lynn co-founded the Home for Alternative Learning and Motivational Strategies school, which provides an opportunity for impoverished children living in the San Pedro garbage dump site to go to school, and to also have breakfast and lunch every day.

“Since moving back to the Carleton riding several years ago, Lynn has been working part time at the Manotick LCBO. Every single dollar she has ever made at the LCBO has been donated to the Home for Alternative Learning and Motivational Strategies school, and she continues to run the school from her home. She also takes a month’s leave of absence without pay each year to go to the Philippines and to work at the school as a volunteer.

“Lynn, thank you for being an inspiration.

“Madam Speaker, Lynn is proof that there really are angels among us.”

The school provides children with an academic curriculum, a safe schooling environment, a healthy lifestyle that includes two meals per day, school supplies, a school uniform and shoes, transportation, cooking classes, arts and craft activities, and gardening and culinary classes for the mothers.

To donate to the HALMS school, visit .

Featured Image: Lynn Roy, left, has donated every dollar she has ever made in nine years at the LCBO to help operate HALMS, a school she co-founded with four friends in the Philippines to help children living in a garbage dump site near Manila.