Village Food Banks Need Volunteers, Donations To Help Neighbours In Need

By David Brown, Rideau-Jock Councillor

As we head into the giving season, I believe it is important to highlight ways that our communities can support our neighbours.

We live in one of the most generous communities; we see neighbours helping neighbours all the time. Around the holiday season, the act of giving is more top of mind than during other times of the year. Although there is a constant need for community support, I felt now would be a good time to ask residents in our ward who are able to give to be generous with their giving.

One of the most direct ways to support our neighbours in need, particularly with the cost-of-living climbing so fast, is through donating to or volunteering for our village foodbanks.

The foodbank plays a vital role in ensuring that no one goes hungry due to food insecurity. Unfortunately, foodbank usage is at its highest level in years, with many families in our communities struggling to afford to put food on their tables. By donating to the foodbank, you can have a meaningful impact on meeting the basic needs of those in our communities.  

We are fortunate to have so many generous residents in our communities who are demonstrating strong leadership when it comes to supporting the community. For instance, Bob Easy from the Goalie Academy recently donated more than $4,000 thousand dollars to the Richmond, Stittsville and North Gower Foodbanks. These funds were raised locally and will be used to help local families.

I would like to thank the Goalie Academy for their generous support of our local foodbanks and encourage you to donate what you can. To find a link to the foodbanks in our ward, please visit my website, for more information. Donations of food or funds are both appreciated.

Giving doesn’t end with an item or a financial donation. Your time is valuable. There are many worthy organizations serving a diverse set of needs across our ward and the city which would be grateful for any time that you can commit.

Organizations such as the Youth of Manotick (YOMA), Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS), Lions Club, Kiwanis Club, the North Gower Recreation Association, the Richmond Village Association and the Manotick Village Community Association and many more, all are looking for volunteers to serve our communities. Every farmer’s market, parade, community BBQ, and family fun event is supported, organized and delivered by volunteers and there is always a need for more.

Each one of our 18 communities has a volunteer team that makes village living special.

As we head into 2024, I hope being generous with your time, finances or talents will be something that you consider. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.