Manotick Author Releases Third Installment Of Children’s Book Series

Jennifer J. Bergin makes a delightful comeback to the literary scene with the launch of “Jungle Jim and Jungle Jen Go Camping” (published by Balboa Press), the third installment in a series of children’s illustrated chapter books.

In this humorous outdoor escapade, readers are welcomed to join Jim, a biologist specializing in plants and animals, and Jen, a city dweller eager to learn, on their comical journey in the wilderness. As they navigate encounters with various animals, the story unfolds with laughter and valuable lessons about the untamed wonders of nature.

“Jungle Jim and Jungle Jen Go Camping” is available at Manotick Office Pro.

Bergin believes the book’s appeal lies in its combination of animal fascination, learning, and humor. She envisions it as a means of reconnecting both children and adults with the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

When asked about the desired takeaway, Bergin emphasizes the joy of creative expression, asserting that writing can be both enjoyable and limitless. Through this book, she hopes to inspire readers to find fun in writing and recognize that the act of creation knows no bounds.

“Jungle Jim and Jungle Jen Go Camping” is available locally at Manotick Office Pro and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Author

Jennifer J. Bergin is a mother, cartoonist/author, and part-time chiropractor. Residing in the Ottawa area with her family, she shares her home with a cat and a dog. With a background in biology from Carleton University, Bergin not only enjoys exploring the wonders of the great outdoors but also brings her passion for nature into her creative endeavors.

Featured Image: Jennifer Bergin has the released the third installment in her series of illustrated chapter books.