April is Daffodil Month

This Week, This Month, By Larry Ellis

Since the 1950s, bright yellow daffodils have arrived in communities across Canada to mark the beginning of Daffodil Month. To this day, the daffodil continues to symbolize strength and courage in the fight against cancer.

This is a flower that you will see in all sorts of spring bouquets. There are other uses for this flower though; there are cultures that really like this flower. The Chinese see it as a symbol of wealth and good fortune and celebrate when the daffodil blooms. The good thing about the daffodil is that it is so easy to grow. This is a flower that is a great beginner flower, and this is proven with all the flowerbeds that it is in across the world. Make sure that if you are growing this flower that you are taking care of it, give it enough water and make sure that it has proper drainage.

The daffodil is the symbol adopted for cancer research, organizations that raise money for cancer use this as their fundraising symbol and have daffodil days which are going to give people a flower in return for the donation to the Cancer Society. It is easy to support the Canadian Cancer Society, many of us has been personally touched in some manner by cancer.

Volunteering during Daffodil Month is an incredibly rewarding experience, whether you have been touched by cancer or not. Show your support and make a difference in your own way! Get involved in local events happening across your area. Wear the yellow pin!

Money raised during Daffodil Month helps people living with cancer and their families. Donations fund life-saving research, information, and support services.