Road Resurfacing and Safety Measures a Big Issue in Rideau-Jock Ward

By David Brown, Rideau-Jock Councillor

The reality is that, due to our vast geography, residents in rural Ottawa are uniquely reliant on cars and, at the same time, need safe and well-maintained roads on which to drive on. This is why in 2022, most municipal election candidates from across Ottawa campaigned on improving roads and infrastructure – including me and the Mayor. I am pleased to share some of the progress that we’ve made to date on this important priority.

This year, our ward will receive $42 million to be used for improving our infrastructure. You may read this number and be unimpressed, but this is a significant investment that works out to be about $1,272 per resident in our ward. Securing this investment was the result of hard-fought work from my office and me.

This investment will be put to good use through road resurfacing, road safety measures, traffic control measures, and more. The benefits of this investment cannot be calculated just in terms of dollars and cents; we know that solid traffic infrastructure improves road safety, particularly by reducing fatal collisions, and limits fuel consumption by reducing congestion and enhancing traffic flow.

I will be the first to admit that, even with this investment, there is much more work to be done. Huge swaths of roads desperately need resurfacing, many communities need improved sidewalks and pedestrian connections, and there are several intersections that need roundabouts or traffic lights to function properly.

I will continue pushing for investments that reduce the infrastructure deficits in our communities and improvements to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently.

To keep track of the City’s progress, information about on-going construction and infrastructure projects can be found on the City’s website. Here you will find lists of infrastructure projects, construction notices, and an interactive map showing you the age and possible renewal plans for every roadway in Ottawa. My office will continue to publish and share any imminent construction and infrastructure updates in our newsletter as soon as we receive them.

Part of maintaining the City’s infrastructure effectively means addressing issues before they become truly problematic. This is where, as residents, you can help: please report potholes!

Dreadful potholes appear every year around this time. In fact, the exceptionally warm temperatures that we have seen means that almost double the amount potholes have been filled since the start of 2024 until now compared to the same timeframe last year. Resident reports of potholes are very helpful to ensure that problem areas are quickly brought to the City’s attention and added to the queue.

You can report a pothole or any other road hazards by calling 3-1-1 or online at to ensure the quickest response from the City.

Inadequate snow plowing, poor road conditions, and unsafe traffic infrastructure represent a large portion of the emails and phone calls that my office receives in a year. Recognizing the need for improvement in these areas, maintaining good and safe roads is top of mind for me. I campaigned on improving the lives of rural residents who, in a lot of ways, have been neglected. When it comes to roads, you can be certain that I will do what it takes to keep them safe and sound. Afterall, I drive on them too.