Be Sure To Stop By The YOMA Booth At Dickinson Days

By Leanne Van der Burgt, Youth Association of Manotick

I am going to use the word.  Yes, it is the word that makes volunteers a bit weary and some people a bit leery, but I am going to use it anyway.  Fundraising.

We get it.  There are so many worthy organizations who reach out asking for support.  It can be a challenge, especially in the current economic environment, to make choices if one is able and looking to contribute.

The tricky part of running a small, not-for-profit in rural Ottawa is right there in the description.  There are very few options available for “day-to-day” operational funding and a group like YOMA does not check all of the boxes.  The rural geographic area and the population YOMA serves is considered “small”.  Funders usually want to get the biggest bang for their buck rather than looking deeper at need and results.  Grants are always an option and the YOMA Board are no strangers to writing proposals and applications.  Grants are typically short term, targeted for specific projects or new initiatives and have strict limits on operational and staffing expenses which are the largest expenses for any organization.

So we fundraise!

Setting aside the practical financial aspects, fundraising is important for so many other reasons.

Different fundraising activities, contests and raffles remind the community about YOMA and what we do.  They are invitations to everyone to support local youth in our own community.  These events can also serve as introductions to new neighbours who may not know about us and what we offer.

YOMA fundraisers involve youth and their families.  Whether youth are serving food at a spaghetti dinner or telling people about YOMA at Dickinson Days or liking and sharing posts on social media we want everyone to get involved.  YOMA belongs to the youth.  The Board and staff help make it possible and the community benefits from engaged young people.

For these reasons we unabashedly want to tell you about our current fundraisers.  We have a raffle underway for an extraordinary overnight party for 6 from Sweet Dreams Manotick.  Tickets are $10 each or 3 for $20, available online and we will have them for sale at our booth at Dickinson Days.  Coming up on June 10 is our annual golf tournament.  There are only a few spaces left for golfers but if you want to be involved, we are still welcoming donations for the silent auction.

We are exceptionally grateful to others who help us with fundraising.  Fiddlers on the Rideau have named YOMA as the recipient of their 2024 event coming up in June.  Those funds will be used for our youth mental health initiatives.    

Manotick Home Hardware is hosting the Chairs for Charity auction again this year and has named YOMA as the recipient.  Stop by our booth at Dickinson Days for more information and watch for details about the one-of-a-kind chairs and the online auction that will be starting in July.

If you want to know more about anything YOMA offers, visit our website, follow us on Facebook, X and Instagram or sign up to receive our e-newsletter.