This Week, This Month

By Larry Ellis

Spring is an inspiration time of transition

Yes, it is almost Spring! What a great time of the year. In some respects, it is only because of the winter season, in giving us the cold, snowy, blustery weather, that we fully appreciate the wonder of spring. Thanks winter!

I begin to imagine the spring days to come when I can clean up outdoors, trim and rake and dig; get my hands dirty in the deep, dark earth. But I will have to wait a little longer; it is not yet time. Winter always gives way to Spring; we can trust the seasons and their timing, but we find ourselves in a transitional state. Transitions are in-between-times or periods of waiting. Many of us find it uncomfortable and frustrating to wait and are usually ready to jump into the next thing. Transitions are usually subtle and change rarely happens overnight and might be compared to layers that unravel, like day to dusk to dark to dawn as it merges into day again.

When seeds are planted in the fertile soil, they first make roots that are reaching down into the earth. Roots grow first because they provide the strength to hold up the plant as well as to absorb the nutrients to grow the stem, sprout, and green leaves. I think seeds offer us a metaphor for our lives. We should take advantage of this seasonal transition to “till the soil of our lives”. Which seeds have we sown, where are our roots growing, we need to fertilize our lives with more love.

Life’s path, much like the path of Spring, encounters mixed emotions; we need both the rain and the sunshine. Live life with a sparkle, look forward to each hour, live life with a sparkle and show it in your face!

Everyone – wash your hands – wear a mask – social distance.