This Week, This Month: Spring is a time to fill your thoughts with hope

By Larry Ellis

You have done your “Easter duty” (or not) – you have heard the Bible stories, you have worshipped and sung and prayed. You may have been moved or challenged by one of these Easter experiences. Perhaps you saw and listened to a religious service of television, Facebook, YouTube or even live in a building This year so many things are different as a result of Covid-19 but many are the same! Technology is amazing.

Now what? Have you changed? Is your life different? Of course, it is! Every day is new and different and challenging – an opportunity for growth and meaning and service. For many we believe this is true because that is the way God made us – creatures built to learn, think, grow, and do.

Whether we are at worship or helping at a homeless shelter or serving at a seniors home, or teaching children or serving on a mission board or organizing a fundraiser – hope is the foundation of all we do.

Try and fill your life with pleasant things, the kind of peace that comes from daily living; the love of nature, watching each phase from Spring’s shy dawn right through the changing seasons. Friendships increase through the years; new ones are made, and old ones cultivated. Share the hopes and fears of others, be happy for someone’s triumphs and feel the pain of another’s trouble or problem.

Everyone – wash your hands – wear a mask – social distance.