Student says some good things have come from pandemic

Focus on Youth by Phill Potter

Name: Haley LeFrancois               

Age: 18

School: Osgoode Township High               

Grade: 12

Parents: Tim LeFrancois and Vicki Fiander

Brother: Rieley (19), Mechanical Engineering student at Queens University

Pet Peeves: “When people interrupt others, or slow walkers.”

Favourite Subjects: “I’ve always loved the sciences. I’m taking biology, chemistry and physics, but prefer chemistry and biology.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “I like reading young adult novels like Turtles All the Way Down and We Were Liars. We Were Liars has more psychological thriller aspects, which I also really enjoy.”

Who are your favourite authors? “I’ve always loved John Green, and have recently been reading E. Lockhart.” 

What is your greatest accomplishment? “When I would referee boys hockey there was a single little girl on an entirely boys hockey team. Before the game, I had my hair down and was just about to put it up, when the little girl walked up to me and said, “Are you a girl?” I responded, “Yes!” Are you?” Her entire face lit up when she yelled back to me, “Yeah!”. It was so good being able to connect, and show that little girl that women can succeed in male dominated fields. This was one of my favourite memories, and one of my proudest moments.”

School Activities: “I’m planning prom! Because of the pandemic, it’s been really difficult to fundraise, but we’ve been working really hard to offer a safe prom that is as close to normal as possible.”

Other Activities/Interests: “During quarantine I got back into painting and drawing. I’ve also been attempting to embroider, but it hasn’t been going great.”

Career Goals: “I’m heading to Queen’s University next year to (hopefully) get a Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences. I’m interested in going on to Molecular Biology and Research. The pandemic, and the tests done on the corona virus, have been really interesting, and have helped me find my love for molecular biology.”

Comment: “The pandemic has been really difficult on students. Online learning has been a huge adjustment. The toll I’ve seen it take on people’s mental health is crazy. I think that a lot of good things have also come from the pandemic. Cohorts in school have allowed me to speak to people I didn’t usually have the opportunity to connect with. I think it has brought a lot of communities together, and helped a lot of people reconnect with one another. Even though it’s a crazy time, I think there’s a lot of good that has also come from it.”