Graduating Student Worked to Improve Marks

Focus on Youth

By Phill Potter

Name: Sarah Hopkins    

Age: 18

School: Osgoode Township High

Grade: 12

Parents: Kim Cable and Geoff Hopkins

Sister: Meghan (15), grade 9, Osgoode Township High

Pet Peeves: “People who walk slowly, and people who don’t close doors all the way when exiting a room.”

Part-time Work: Foodland – in the hot foods department and at the LCBO

Favourite Subjects: “This year I’ve taken physics, English, functions, chemistry, biology, calculus and French (in that order). The subjects I enjoy doing, do not necessarily correlate to those that I excel in. I enjoy learning about physics and biology the most, but I have had some great teachers that have made the unbearable subjects, like chemistry, English and the maths, enjoyable.”

What do you enjoy reading for pleasure? “Recently I have been reading non-fiction books, because I’ve been interested in learning more outside of school. Last summer I also got into murder mysteries, because my Grandma lent me the book Magpie Murders’ by Anthony Horowitz. I’ve been hooked on the genre ever since.”

Who are your favourite authors? “I have always been a John Green fan. I’ve read almost all of his books. Recently, I’ve taken interest in the author Lyndsay Faye. I’m currently reading her novel, Paragon Hotel. I appreciate my English teacher, Ms. Hughson, who has been my teacher for all four years of high school. She introduced me to many good books, and taught me how to appreciate them. One of my favourite books that she led me to read was The Help by Kathryn Stockett.”

What is your greatest accomplishment? “My greatest accomplishment would be getting into my top choice for university, which was Life Science at Queen’s. This year I’ve worked exceptionally hard to raise my grades and I am very happy it paid off.

“I’m also appreciative of the teachers I’ve had who have worked hard to support us through Covid-19. They have gone above and beyond to make sure we get extra help, and taken time out of their personal lives to ensure we are prepared for first year in university. I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals this year without them, and the help of my peers.”

School Activities: “As sad as it sounds, there have not been a lot of school activities available to the students with the covid restrictions.  When we go to school, we arrive in the morning and sit down to a 4 hour class that consists of 2-4 lessons of that class, and then we are sent home to study and review them. There is not much room there for extra activities. We have one class for one week, followed by our second class the next week.

In Grade 11, I took Outdoor Education, and it was definitely one of my favourite classes. During the Outdoor Ed trips I made many of my friends I’m close with today. I learned a lot about camping and sports you wouldn’t think about trying – like rock climbing. Had Covid-19 not been around, I would have joined our varsity Soccer Team. In past years I met girls from other grades, who I wouldn’t have talked to otherwise.”

Other Activities/Interests: “Before Covid, I played soccer with OSU. My team was definitely a group of girls who kept me sane throughout high school. In my spare time, I like to read or work out. Recently, I’ve been enjoying biking around with my friends, going on walks, or playing basketball. In the winter I loved downhill skiing, I tried to get out as often as possible before the snow melted. In the summer I also like to water ski. My Dad has been teaching me how to slalom ski at our cottage.”

Career Goals: “In the future, I plan on accepting my offer at Queen’s for Life Science. Ideally, I would love to be accepted into medical school, so I will work hard to get there. I have no set goals for my future career, but my only desire is to work in a hospital. I hope to get to know my interests better as I take more classes in university.”