Drew Garby Seeks Carleton Federal Liberal Nomination

24-year-old Drew Garby seeking Carleton Federal Liberal nomination

Carleton Liberal Candidate Drew Garby doesn’t make it a habit of sleeping in.

At a young age, he spent his mornings watching the sun rise from behind the window of a snowplow, working from midnight to 6:00 a.m. clearing driveways to save up for his university dream.

Garby wasn’t dealt the easiest hand in life. From early on, he would set aside a portion of his earnings to help put food on the table and provide for his family. He learned quickly that perseverance wasn’t just a personality trait; it meant being able to afford groceries and the possibility of better education.

It’s no surprise that Garby channeled that same perseverance into competitive sports, working his way up to becoming a star quarterback for the Gloucester South Raiders. Success in sports meant teamwork and putting others’ needs above your own, skills he clearly brings to his professional life.

Politics wasn’t always the goal for Garby, but he’s a natural fit for it. His education and work experience—from blue-collar construction sites to working in Parliament and in the public service—have prepared him to take any challenge head-on and fight for all hard-working Canadians.

Even at 24, Garby is already making waves in the community. Yet he still gets asked questions about why such a young political science and economics graduate like him would ever want to try his hand at federal politics. Garby wonders if Pierre Poilievre was asked these same questions back in 2004, when Carleton first elected him at the age of 24.

For Garby, being an MP is about more than just scoring political points or trumpeting the party line. It’s about fighting for the everyday resident of Carleton: those who use their hard-earned paychecks to put food on their family’s table, and those who also can’t afford to make it a habit of sleeping in.

Garby knows their stories and struggles all too well, and he’s ready to fight for them.

To vote for Drew, registered Liberal Party of Canada members should visit and vote in the Carleton Liberal Nomination Meeting on Thursday, July 15th from 5-8PM.