Manning Up Important for St. Mark Student

Focus on Youth

By Phill Potter

Name: Spencer Bachhuber

Age: 18

School: St. Mark High

Grade: 12

Parents: Nancy and Jason Bachhuber

Sister: Amy Bachhuber (19) third year at Carleton University. Graduated St. Mark High

Pet: Lola (Calico Cat) “We found her alone as a kitten and decided to take care of her.”

Pet Peeve: “One of my biggest pet peeves is fairly common, but when people chew with their mouths open, it hits a nerve that I can’t ignore!”

Part-time Work: “I currently work at Anderson Links Golf Course as a Pro shop Attendant, and have worked in previous years as a Back shop Attendant for the course. This part-time job is without a doubt the best job I could have been offered at this time in my life – given that the environment and people who are at the course constantly keep me wanting to come back.”

Favourite Subjects: “I’ve found myself enjoying Advanced Functions and Grade 11 and 12 Biology – although my favourite course I’ve taken this year has been Calculus and Vectors. My interest in math and science has pushed me to want to begin my studies in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Carleton University. On a side note, in my grade 11 year I thoroughly enjoyed outdoor education – a class where I developed memories and learned some incredibly crucial life skills.”

Greatest Accomplishment: “I believe that my greatest accomplishment has overall been getting accepted into Carleton University for Biomedical and Electrical Engineering, and getting into the top 3 runner-ups for the Ottawa Catholic Trustee Service award. I believe that these are my greatest accomplishments for a few reasons; over the years of high school, I’ve worked hard for the marks I’ve received, and I’ve discovered a lot about myself and other people’s stories in the world. I feel that being accepted into a program that I’m genuinely interested in, and will make a difference in the world, means so incredibly much to me. My admiration for the communities and people I’ve come to meet has changed my life in the best way possible.

“The main reasons why I’ve accomplished what I have, and why I’ve become the person I am today, include a few of my teachers – Mr. Amadio and Mr. Ireland. These people have completely changed my view on many things in life. They taught me resilience, respect, integrity, responsibility, and so much more. Another two people that I can’t leave out – are my parents. If it were not for them, my priorities would not be straight whatsoever, and I would be a lost young adult; who doesn’t know to take risks or take responsibility for his actions. Over the years my mom and dad have pushed me to be the absolute best version of myself that I can be. I could not be more proud to call these people my parents, and I thank them for allowing me to achieve my goals.”

School Activities: “This school year, I’ve tried to be involved in as much as possible. One of the clubs that I’ve been most proud of taking part in, is the Man Up Club. This club has completely changed my life and taught me respect, responsibility, community, and so much more about what it means to be a man. This year, a friend and I decided to keep the club going despite the pandemic.  We decided to host google meets for discussions and talks, and start some events/activities. For example, a poster that people could write on describing how they have overcome the pandemic.

“Another school activity is peer helping. I’ve been involved in this club for a couple of years. It’s a club that helps grade 7’s and 8’s to adapt to their new school environment, because things can be scary. I wanted to join this club to be able to give the new students the same experience I got from my peer helpers when I was in grade 7.”

Other Activities/Interests: “In my free time, (especially over lockdown), I enjoy playing guitar, video games, working out, and watching my favourite YouTuber Jacksepticeye. These things seem to clear my head and put me in my happy place, which is incredibly important, given that being unable to see friends or partake in school events isn’t possible right now.

I’ve learned that doing the small things that make you happy go a long way for your mental health. Learning to take mental breaks and assure yourself that you’re doing ok, is without a doubt a priority, not only during a pandemic, but in general.”

Career Goals: “I’ve been accepted to attend Carleton University for Biomedical and Electrical Engineering in a Bachelor of Engineering. I am incredibly excited to be able to study this field, and potentially get into the world of biomedical mechanisms to help those who are ill or injured. From this program, a job related to biomedical equipment would be ideal. If this does not work out, I’ve considered taking a co-ed program at Queen’s University after Carleton, to become a high school teacher.”