Fall Fair Time Is Just Around the Corner

This Week, This Month, By Larry Ellis

I believe that the country fair is a cornerstone of Canadian culture! It is a magical event that must be experienced by everyone at least once. Just the sweet smell of cotton floss or the sound of the merry-go-round can stir up childhood memories of the country fair. It may take you back to a time when life was simpler, when there was an appreciation for things created by hand or nurtured in earth by the sweat of the brow. For many fair goers, the grandstand shows are the highlight of the fair, and people plan their holidays around this event. If you are into really loud noise then you’ll already know that “this fair” is on the Demolition Derby circuit.

The first destination for many entering the fairgrounds may be the building that displays artists, crafters, experts in culinary arts that challenge judges. One display may be an array of colorful handmade quilts that have taken many hours to create stitch by stitch. After being displayed some move on to national competitions. The organizers work hard to add new and exciting events every year to keep the show fresh.

The Richmond Fair will take place in September.

Visit the stables in the crisp air of a fall morning and watch as owners meticulously groom majestic horses, readying them for many equine events. Maybe next-door roosters crow, and rabbits, ducks, geese and fluffy chicks nestle in the straw of their cages, also on display for visitors to critique are the fruits, vegetables, flowers, grain crops and harvest crops. Many dollars in prize money are given out for pickles, pastry, carvings, and other things – First Place Prize Winner ribbons are a treasure to the contestant!

Fall Fairs in this area include – opening dates – Navan August 4 – Richmond September 15– Carp September 22 – Metcalfe September 29 – Russell August 11 – South Mountain August 15 – Spencerville September 12.

Visit a fall fair, there really is nothing like them, you will be glad you did! For the majority it is time to visit again!