Thrasher Says Truck Study MVCA’s Greatest Accomplishment Over Last Five Years

By Manotick Messenger Staff

It has been a long decade of hard work for outgoing Manotick Village Community Association President Grace Thrasher, but it was a 10-year period of accomplishments.

Thrasher stepped down as the MVCA President after sitting on the board for the past 10 years, including the last five as MVCA President. She will remain on the board as the MVCA Past President, but for her, the heavy lifting is done. As she steps down, she has been replaced as MVCA President by Irene Staron.

While there have been several issues that Thrasher and the MVCA have dealt with over the last five years, one problem rises above the others, and it keeps getting worse.

Grace Thrasher recently received the Mayor’s City Builder Award. The award was presented by Mayor Jim Watson along with Councillors Scott Moffatt and George Darouze. The Mayor cited her leadership on Village Core Revitalization, Secondary Plan, Ward Boundary Review and several key initiatives.
City of Ottawa photo

“The problem with trucks has always been there, but with the growth in the south end of the city, there is never-ending truck traffic because of the construction in the area,” she said.

Thrasher said that the most important accomplishment of the MVCA over the last five years was the truck study done by the MVCA. The Manotick truck traffic study is a detailed and thorough document that can be used as a tool by the city to try to improve the truck traffic situation in Manotick, particularly at the corner of Bridge and Manotick Main Streets.

Thrasher said that after the election in the fall, the MVCA is hoping to work with the newly-elected Rideau-Jock councillor to help alleviate the truck problem in the village.

While getting the truck study done was an exhausting yet rewarding process, Thrasher said that she enjoyed serving the community as the MVCA president.

“It was a really good experience,” Thrasher said. “We had some challenges, especially with COVID. We were unable to hold in-person events, and as a result, some of the annual things like Manotick Shiverfest had to be postponed. It was also difficult to hold meetings virtually. Although we were able to still have meetings virtually, it’s not the same as having live events in person.”

The recent provincial election gave an example of the challenges.

“Hosting an all-candidates meeting online is very different from having a live meeting,” she said. “But I think that not being able to hold events was the most difficult part of COVID for the MVCA board.”

Thrasher said that although she has stepped down as president, she will still be actively involved in the community. She is also confident that the work she has done, as well as the work of the MVCA, will move forward in a smooth transition. She has worked closely with Staron to prepare her for her role as president.

“Irene lives on my street so she sees and is fully aware of the truck and traffic problems, just like I am,” she said.

Thrasher said she is very excited about the return of the Manotick Community Picnic and Soap Box Derby later this summer.