MVCA Congratulates Incoming Councillor David Brown

By Irene Staron

MVCA President

On November 14 a newly elected official will sit in City Council representing the concerns and successes of Manotick and other communities in Ward 21. We congratulate David Brown in this new role and look forward to working with him, his team and our newly elected Mayor Mark Sutcliffe on ongoing community issues. David will take over from Councillor Scott Moffatt who has represented our community for the past 12 years.

Councillors will be dealing with a new layer of complexity brought upon by the Ministry of Housing’s (MOH) recent announcements to accelerate the planning approval process by-passing public consultations.

The reality today is that many of the City’s deliberations on developments are on hold or have been deferred until the new Council is in place. This means that when you see project notices going up, it may be some time before the City can provide us with additional details or timelines. But be assured the MVCA will continue to keep you informed.

Manotick Secondary Plan
The MVCA continues to field questions as to what type of development is permitted in the Village. As laid out in the Manotick Secondary Plan, apartment buildings are permitted at 1178 Maple, 5544 Scharfield Road, 1185 Beaverwood, 5581 Doctor Leach Drive, and 5512 Manotick Main Street. The Manotick Secondary Plan was developed with extensive community input and outlines the zoning for specific neighbourhoods. For detailed information on the plan, the community vision, its goals and objectives, land use and design and other important considerations visit our website

Transportation Master Plan – Origin Destination Survey
Some households may have recently received an invitation by mail to participate in the 2022 Origin Destination Survey, a key component of the Transportation Master Plan.  Participants were selected at random and by invitation only.  The survey will track where residents travel, when and why.  The data will be used by all levels of government for planning for roads, transit, cycling and pedestrian strategies locally and in the region.  If you received an invitation to participate, we encourage you to do so. If you want to know more about the survey, visit

 Thefts from cars
Ottawa Police Service have reported a number of incidents lately where items have been stolen from vehicles in the village.  OPS has tips to reduce the risk and some additional suggestions for information you can keep in your home records, should you have to file a report.

 In the Village

Scaffolding has been removed from the new Royal Lepage building so we can now see the traditional red brick and dormered façade that pays homage to the historic character of our Village.

Sidewalk work on Main Street has now been completed and is a welcome improvement. This work addresses many of the concerns raised in the MVCA 2019 Walkability Audit. For study details go to