COVID Puts Boxing Career On Hold For OTHS Student

Focus on Youth

By Phill Potter

Name: Danny Ismail

Age: 17

School: Osgoode Township High

Parents: “Danny Ismail and Ghiulgean Ismail. My Father owns Bentley Auto Service, an auto mechanic and auto body repair shop, and has had his own shop for 25 years. My mother is a stay at home mom.”

Brothers: “My brother Sebastian also attended Osgoode Township High School, and is currently attending Algonquin College for his Automotive Service Technician Certificate, in hopes of taking over the family business. My little brother Fabian is currently in grade 4 at Metcalfe Public School in hopes of eventually driving my dad’s cars.”

Pets: “I have two dogs: Apollo and Luna. Apollo is the sweetest of sweethearts and is an Australian Shepard/ Border Collie mix. (He has way too much energy.) Apollo is also a covid puppy and is only 18 months old. Luna, a purebred German Shepherd, is Apollo’s baby sister. We got Luna last month. She is now 13 weeks old, and since she is teething, she loves to bite absolutely everything and everyone.”

Part time work: “I work part time at my father’s shop. I’m basically an errand boy, when I’m not doing body work. I pick up parts, drop off cars, and gain important knowledge on how to run a business, as my father has been doing it for 25 years.”

Subjects: “As I love being active, my favourite subject is Gym. Unfortunately, I did not take gym this year. I was too focused on achieving high marks in my other subjects. I chose History, English, World Cultures, Philosophy, Families in Canada, and Law. The most enjoyable and interesting class, was definitely History. (Shoutout to Mrs. Chapman.) History gives us such an interesting perspective of life, and how and why things took place before we were even alive. It was definitely interesting learning about how King Henry VIII was a child when he came into power, and would throw fits, which in my opinion, is unusual for a king.”

What is your greatest accomplishment: “Training Apollo while he was a puppy, and becoming a dog owner.”

Other Activities/ Interests: “I’m an amateur boxer under the Beaver Boxing Club, and also a Youth Assistant Coach there as well. Even during Covid, I am still training 3 to 4 times a week. I also help the coaches with portions of their classes. For example, one day I might run the core workout at the end of the workout. Another day, I might run the warm-up. During the classes, I also go around giving advice on proper technique to the boxers participating in the youth class.

“Funny enough, I was supposed to have my first fight right before covid. I took the fight on two days notice, and was 7 lbs over my 150 lb limit. The Friday before the fight I drank about 5 litres of water in 6 hours (yes, I went to the washroom a lot), ate super clean, and did end up losing the 7 lbs. Once I told my coach I made weight, he texted me saying, “That’s great Danny, too bad Boxing Ontario cancelled all boxing events”. Although I was annoyed I couldn’t fight, I am taking this time during covid to work on, and sharpen all my skills, so when it comes time to fight, I’ll be ready.”

Career Goals: “During Covid I spent all my time at my father’s shop, or at the gym. While at my father’s shop, that’s when I really started thinking about my future.

“My father has been in business for 25 years, and he was teaching me all the tricks in the book. Where to spend money, when to spend money, why to spend money, when to keep money, etc.

“My father’s best friend was also an Inspector in the Ottawa Police, and he brought to my attention the policing and military world, and how to navigate that.

“I have been accepted into Political Science at Carleton University. My current path is one of Political Science in hopes of becoming an Officer in the Military Police, and eventually an Officer in the Ottawa Police. Although this is my current plan, things do change as perspectives grow and more knowledge is gained. I ultimately look forward to the future, and what is to come, regardless of what the future holds for me.”