Hamas Supporter Records Instagram Post In Front Of Ghamari’s Office

A known supporter of the Hamas organization showed up at the Richmond constituency office of Carleton MPP Goldie Ghamari at night last week to make a video that he shared on TikTok and Instagram Nov. 23.

Firas Al Najim is known in Canada for supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the terrorist organization that controls Iran and is the main financial supporter of Hamas.

In his post, Al Najim calls Ghamari a “racist”, “a crook”, and “a prostitute”, as well as accusing her of having “mental health issues.” He also criticizes the head of the Ottawa Police Service Hate Crimes Unit, Sgt. Ali Thogrol, who like Ghamari, is an Iranian-Canadian. Sgt. Toghrol arrested Mohammed Assadi in Toronto in November after he was allegedly caught on video inciting hatred and expressing antisemitic views.

Al Najim says in his post that Assadi is his friend. Assadi was charged with breaking several bail conditions. He is facing previous charges of assault and breaking and entering, which have not yet been tried in court.

Ghamari has been outspoken against the IRGC since the September 2022 killing of Mahsa Amini for wearing her hijab improperly. Her family fled Iran and arrived in Canada as refugees when she was a year old. She is the only Iranian-Canadian woman in politics, and has been approached for interviews around the world over the last year. Last week, she appeared on Sky, a national news network in Australia.

Ghamari has also been an outspoken champion for the rights of Muslim women since first being elected.

Like most Canadian politicians, Ghamari reacted with support of Israel after they were attacked by Hamas Oct. 7 and 1,400 people were killed. While she only supports Israel against the terrorist Hamas organization, she said she has been saddened by the loss of innocent lives both in Israel and Gaza.

Al Najim is the head of the not-for-profit organization, Canadian Defenders for Human Rights, which is a pro-Iranian regime and anti-Israeli organization. In September 2022, the Toronto Star reported that Al Najim dressed as an orthodox Jew to get into an event held by the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, where he harassed an elderly woman who was a Holocaust survivor.

A month later, Al Najim was charged for dangerous driving after driving at a high rate of speed toward a crowd that was protesting the IRGC regime. “The accused stopped the vehicle abruptly, squealing the tires while yelling at the protestors,” police alleged in a news release. Al Najim was released after a night in jail.

MPP Ghamari declined to comment on the situation.

Featured Image: Hamas supporter and anti-Israeli activist Firas Al Najim recorded an Instagram post at Goldie Ghamari’s constituency office in Richmond last week.