Manotick’s Matt Moore Honoured By Ottawa Fire Services For Heroic Act

A Manotick man was honoured by the Ottawa Fire Service for his role in saving a man’s life during a fire on Bowesville Road last month.

Matt Moore received the Fire Chief’s Civilian Award of Bravery, which was presented to him by Ottawa fire Chief and former Manotick Fire Station chief Paul Hutt.

Moore lives on Long Island with his wife, Holly, and their sons Madden (9), and Sawyer (6).

Matt and Madden were driving down Bowesville Road east of Manotick when they saw flames coming from a house. With Madden waiting in the car, Matt pulled his vehicle over and ran into the burning house, finding a man inside who was not very mobile.

Matt was able to put the man over his shoulders and bring him to the side of the road for safety. He learned that there was also a woman in the house. He ran back to the house and tried to go back in. However, she was in the basement, and the house was already engulfed in flames. There were also explosions going on in the house.

When the firefighters arrived, three of them went inside to try to save the woman, while Matt stayed and helped the other fire fighter with the hoses to start to set up and put out the fire. Madden was in the truck watching this all unfold. Sadly, the woman died in the fire.

Holly Moore wanted to share “how proud we are of his bravery and his dedication to helping others. He’s a true example to our two young boys, and in the world we currently live in, I think we can all use more stories like this.”

Matt Moore and his son, Madden were driving past a Bowesville Road home that was on fire last month when Matt ran into the home to rescue a man.