Manotick’s Volunteers Should Be Celebrated

By Leeanne VanderBurgt, YOMA

We want to take a moment to celebrate some of the many volunteers in Manotick.  Our community association relies on volunteers for the work they do and the events they host.  There are volunteers involved with the work at Watson’s Mill, helping keep history alive and attracting visitors to Manotick.  ROSSS volunteers help deliver meals to local seniors.  Manotick Food Pantry relies on volunteers to help those in need.   In addition to all of their regular volunteer work, Kiwanis also plan and manage the annual Dickinson Day weekend. The Manotick Legion is run by volunteers who make their activities and outreach possible.  Manotick Horticultural Society manages many of the public gardens in the village, keeping our community attractive and welcoming. The schools rely on parent volunteers for a host of projects and activities. Local churches and their volunteers do amazing work both for their congregations and for residents.  Key Clubs are just one example in high schools of opportunities that exist for students to volunteer.  It is obvious residents of all ages find ways to contribute to our community.  Thank you to everyone.

YOMA started because of the volunteer efforts of a local family.  The work continues thanks to the volunteer Board of Directors, parents and residents who are passionate about supporting rural youth.  The other important contributors are youth. Whether it is serving the guests at our spaghetti dinners or helping at Dickinson Days and other community events, youth are always encouraged to play an active role in YOMA.

Volunteer hours are especially important for high school students.  YOMA always has  opportunities available.  We try to find opportunities that match the personality and interests of the volunteer to make the experience a positive one.  YOMA is often contacted by other groups looking for youth volunteers as well.

It is important to foster volunteerism in our youth. Volunteering is good for us.  It is proven to improve physical and mental wellness.  It fosters empathy and a positive connection to the community.  Trying different things through volunteering offers learning opportunities and helps youth gain experience. It is rewarding to be a part of something, collaborating and sharing ideas and contributing to growth and success.

If you know of any youth looking to volunteer, they can contact YOMA and ask to be added to the volunteer list.  We send out emails when we have volunteer opportunities or know of some.   YOMA also welcomes adults to volunteer.  It could be in a number of ways; workshops, events or simply promoting YOMA or sharing ideas for ways for us to grow and improve.

YOMA offers safe, inclusive activities and programs for local youth in Grades 4-12.  Check out our website for more details at or sign up for our weekly e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook, X and Instagram.